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financial analysis of Burswood Ltd

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1. Introduction
In the following analytical report the financial success and the long-term business viability of Burswood Limited is assessed. Financial statement analysis of the company’s Annual
Reports/General Purpose Financial Reports for the years of 2000, 2001 and 2002 was carried out. The results of the analysis were then compared with the industry standards in order to demonstrate Burwoods Ltd’s standing in the Australian gaming industry.

For the purposes of financial statement analysis ratio analysis was used. The analysis is based on data that is publicly available. Finally, a recommendation is made as to whether Burswood Ltd should be considered as a prospective business investment.

2. Company Background
Burswood Limited holds 100% interest in 8 subsidiaries. The company commenced operations as Burwood Ltd Resort in December 1985 via a Trust Deed. The consolidated entity operates the Burswood complex, which comprises casino, hotel, food and beverage outlets, theatre, convention and entertainment facilities. Read more…

How to buy a car

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People are always buying new cars. I myself have just recently bought a new car. I was wondering how someone would go about buying a new car. Having been though this situation, a few times, I feel that I have developed the knowledge to buy a new car. I found out that, when buying a new car, you need to shop around, talk to a dealer, and get financed.

To buy a new car you first have to shop around. You do not want to go to only one dealership to find the car that you will be driving around for the next few years. You may already know what type of car you want, but do not limit yourself. You need to go to numerous dealerships and look at all different types of cars. Take notes of cars that you found to be appealing to your taste. Jot down the type of car it is, the year of the car, the mileage on the car, the price and where it is located. Now that you have looked at a few dealerships, and have taken some notes about the cars you liked, take them home to go over them. Decide on two or three car that you favor. Read more…

Monetary Policy essay

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Monetary policy refers to the use of interest rates and the level of money supply to manage the economy. Monetary policy may be used to increase the level of economic activity (reflationary policies) or to decrease the level of economic activity (deflationary policies). A relationship therefore exists between monetary supply and the rate of interest. Economic theories have been suggested as to the extent of this relationship. Nevertheless, the monetary authorities may use various monetary policy measures to stimulate economic activity in the country.

The Monetary authorities can establish either the level of money supply or the rate of interest, not both. If the demand for money (liquidity preference) does not change, any change in the supply for money will alter the interest rate. (Refer to monetary policy 1)The diagram supplied shows that an increase in the money supply from MS to MS1 will cause a fall in the interest rate from R to R1. Assuming the monetary authorities fixed the supply of money. A change (increase or decrease) in the demand for money (liquidity preference) will effect a change in the interest rate. The diagram supplied shows that a decrease in the demand for money (L to L1) will reduce the interest rate from R to R1. (Refer to monetary policy 2). Read more…

Globalization essay

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Today I would like to talk about the issue of globalization here. I had seen an article from “The Economists” September 20th 2003. The article talks about the global airline consolidation. In the article, it reported that Air France and KLM confirmed their alliance on September 17th. After this, shares of KLM have been going up. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the biggest flight company in Netherlands. It will join the global SkyTeam alliance of airlines, based around Air France and America’s Delta Air Lines. Then Air France has also recruited Alitalia to the SkyTeam group, it will now compete with the other two global alliances in terms of traffic, they are Star (Lufthansa, United Airlines, Singapore) and oneworld (which includes British Airways, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific). As we can see, global consolidation can bring many benefits, such as strengthening the competitiveness. Although there are many critical points, we still have to admit that globalization is really a big issue in recent years, especially in business area. Read more…

American Airlines

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All firms engaged in activities as a tactical entity will, in some form or another, attempt to get a handle on expected demand for their products within a certain future time period such as a week, month, quarter or year. This is a tactical environment and, aside from any earth shattering new developments or shocks to the existing environment, forecasts for expected demand/maximum-likelihood share of market may be made with a fair degree of accuracy with little variance. There are several key points that are important to this process, such as: activities of competitors, market projections for the industry by industry insiders/analysts, and a great deal of historical data.

Competitive intelligence is a parameter which attempts to add subjective background to the environment in which demand forecasting is carried out. Information comes from a variety of sources such as secondary information gathered from written sources, direct observation, and from competitors themselves through press releases, industry gatherings and trade journals. This information provides some indication of what the competition plans to do as far as pricing, new products, promotions and distribution/sales. Read more…

Central Business District essay

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The central business district (CBD) acts as the most important part of a city where the businesses are found along with the commercial activities in the centre of the city, forming what is known as the core. The CBD is a gradational fragmented zone rather than a single line that can actually be found.

There are many important factors that contribute to the growth of the CBD. More purchasing power, better transportation and a larger population are preliminary conditions that have occurred as a slow process in their convergence after 1870. Other conditions that occurred over time include the economies of scale, the elimination of middlemen, the growth and location of dime stores, a need for financial exports and the vertical growth of buildings in the CBD. Changes in technology and the effects on the CBD during the later 1800’s will be discussed. Street patterns and block sizes will be touched on briefly with examples of why they are important factors in the growth of the CBD. In terms of retail location, there are certain principles that will be outlined and explained. It is clear that the CBD is an extremely important part of a city as it provides its citizens with the convenience of easily accessed goods and services because of improvement in transportation and other developments in the centre of the city. The core of the city has undergone many changes which began as a benefit for society and for each business or industry within the district. This paper will illustrate that all the factors previously mentioned are what keep a city and a society functioning in the easiest yet most beneficial way possible. Read more…

Outlining the key considerations in setting up a business.

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When an owner is interested in going into business they must consider first whether they would want to start up a new business from scratch or by purchasing a business. Some business may be inherited, restarted form a previous business failure or bought by employees from the owners. Though the most common option is setting up a new business from scratch, which approximately 70% of businesses start.

According to the case study, petal works have considered to establish their business from scratch. In setting up a business from scratch the owner is able to set it up exactly as desired and are able to determine the pace of growth and change. Read more…