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Finance Research Paper Ideas

October 20th, 2009 No comments

A finance research paper idea is often difficult because it requires that you know more about the organizations than is typically available. You will conduct financial information research in a number of ways – the first is by visiting the corporate website of the organization you have chosen. You may find that there is all pretty roses and happy thoughts on a corporate website, this is because organizations do not want to share negative information that may discourage stakeholder support; however, if you are selecting this organization for your research, do not assume it is all pretty colors and happy stakeholders. Review the financial information available to determine if you see an opportunity for improvement- an opportunity that will become your great idea for your research paper.

If you are unable to determine an idea from the corporate website of the organization, you can often check your school’s database for financial information on the organization; from there you may also find opportunities for improvement. You could develop possible suggestions on how to use the finances more successfully, or ways to increase industry leadership through proper project funding. It is possible that you will not gain enough information from either of these sources to develop a solid idea. Visit the rest of the database and see if you can find articles that advice other suggestions or reporters who have criticized the organization. How might you have handled the situation mentioned differently? Read more…

How to Write a Good Finance Research Paper

June 1st, 2009 No comments

Today we are talking about writing a Finance research paper. This discipline blog is here to help you make sense of your paper and develop it fully. For instance, when you write a Finance research paper it will most often be in relation to some part of an organization or mock-organization. You will search out the financial information from the organization and work into carefully into a document that explains what that particular aspect of finance is doing, where it is, the implications of the numbers, and the recommended solution.

Most often, when you do a Finance research paper the research is organizational rather than outward; however, many instructors will find your particular report well thought out if the information, and thesis statement, is defended by examples of other organizational best practices. Essentially, when you prepare a Finance research paper, you want to explain what you found, what it means, and how other businesses have been successful handling the same situation.

Once you have your topic defined, whether it be cash flow, equity, contracts, forward markets, or economics, you will finish a good Finance research paper by checking all of your references and citations. This may seem like no big deal; however, remember that finance is a very precise field, and failing to format the structure, references, and citations can appear to be a lack of attention to detail – which is very bad in the finance field. Your writing of a Finance research paper will be in APA, MLA, Turabian/Chicago, or Harvard format style; however, most common is APA and MLA. So, good luck with your writing, and pay attention to the detail.