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How to buy a car

People are always buying new cars. I myself have just recently bought a new car. I was wondering how someone would go about buying a new car. Having been though this situation, a few times, I feel that I have developed the knowledge to buy a new car. I found out that, when buying a new car, you need to shop around, talk to a dealer, and get financed.

To buy a new car you first have to shop around. You do not want to go to only one dealership to find the car that you will be driving around for the next few years. You may already know what type of car you want, but do not limit yourself. You need to go to numerous dealerships and look at all different types of cars. Take notes of cars that you found to be appealing to your taste. Jot down the type of car it is, the year of the car, the mileage on the car, the price and where it is located. Now that you have looked at a few dealerships, and have taken some notes about the cars you liked, take them home to go over them. Decide on two or three car that you favor.

Next, you need to go back to the dealership where your favorite car is, and talk to a car dealer. Talk to your car dealer about the car you found appealing. Have him tell you a little bit about it. He will make it sound really fancy, but do not give into everything he says. Ask him questions about the car. You should never make it too easy for them. My father used to sell cars so I know all about dealers and how they operate there sales, sneaky. They are called car dealers because they deal the price.

Some people think that the price listed on the car is what you must pay for it. I found out that this is every untrue. Make a really low offer on the car. The dealer will tell you that there is no way he can get it that low, and then he will make up some sorry excuse why he cannot. Compromise with your dealer till the two of you comes to an agreement. Never give in to something that you are not comfortable with.

Finally, you need to get your new car financed. If you are filthy rich and can pay cash for your car you can skip this process. For most of us you will need to get financed either though the car dealership or your own bank. Personally I prefer to finance though my own bank. You need to go to your bank and talk to a loan officer. They will assist you in getting a loan to pay for you car. They will look that your income and your credit history to see if and what they will loan you. Then you can discuss a payment plan. Instead of paying one large lump some of money, the bank will allow you to pay them back with smaller payments. The bank will determine how long of a term you approve for and how much they want you to put down on your car. Of course, you can always put more money down then what they ask you for. The more money you put down the better. Now that you and your loan officer have come to a comfortable agreement, all you need to do is sign a stalk of papers.

You are now on your way to find a new car. Remember, you must shop around, talk to a dealer, and get financed. After that you can enjoy your new car.

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