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How to Write a Good Finance Essay

May 21st, 2009 No comments

Writing a good Finance essay may involve Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Business Statistics, Taxes, or more. When you write a Finance essay, you may be asked to develop the history behind a particular tax, or predict where a current organizations financial report demonstrates their 6 month forecast to be. You may have to write a good Finance essay that examines a current financial situation for an organization, find where the organization had previous errors with finance and design an action plan for success.

Many business majors will write a number of Finance essays; however, in order to write a good Finance essay you must develop a clear understanding of the relationships between various formulas, regulations, and applications. There are relatively few theories that are left to the imagination in Finance studies due to the importance of developing clear methods for businesses and organizations to stay legal, and operate successfully. Your finance essay should never include the words “think” or “could” but should be definitive of what you hope to say, taking a solid stand on information as presented in your coursework and as demonstrative of Finance best practices.

Your instructors will not want you to take liberties with financial decisions; taking liberties can raise ethical concerns, as well as legal concerns. Some things you can process or develop differently are new relationships, such as if an organization did not previously compare seasonal changes in forecasting for orders – as a manufacturer it was assumed that the trickledown effect of seasonal changes were not a great influence; however, in careful review, it becomes apparent that even the manufacturer is greatly influenced by the seasonal changes in sales.

Your paper will be successful when you follow these tips; however, don’t forget to give yourself an extra day to work on formatting and check your grammar. You may also find that when you write a good Finance essay, that the work becomes more fluent when read aloud.

How to Write a Finance Essay

December 23rd, 2008 No comments

Writing finance essays is not always as easy as it seems. Finance papers are very similar to every other paper you have to write, but yet, it has a lot of important differences.  Finance is all about money, and its usage. When you are in need of a paper on finance – you have to make a lot of research, and come up with a smart hypothesis.

Finance essay are papers, where you need to discuss the meaning and eligible role of money, and how the knowledge of money and finance can help you in your life, business, etc.

When you are about to write a finance essay – the first thing you desperately need to do – is come up with a topic of your finance paper. It needs to be specific, and discuss a particular issue of financing. It can either be based on your own experience, where you are analyzing something, and applying particular knowledge on finance to your topic – or you can make a literature review, with your personal opinion.

Either way you chose – your paper has to be based on the topics you have discussed in class and your personal frame of reference. You have to be able to deliver your message through your finance essay. A good way to write your finance essay is to write a finance outline, and incorporate it to your finance paper.

A finance essay has to include several thoughts and opinions of experts in financing. Hence, you need to cite and reference every source which you use in your finance paper.

Be careful if you decide a free finance essay as your finance essay example. You are running a risk of being accused of plagiarism and be severely penalized for this attempt.

Carefully think through every thought you decide to use in your finance paper. The basic idea is that your personal opinion can not in any way contradict with the knowledge you are given in your class, you can only prove it.