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Globalization essay

Today I would like to talk about the issue of globalization here. I had seen an article from “The Economists” September 20th 2003. The article talks about the global airline consolidation. In the article, it reported that Air France and KLM confirmed their alliance on September 17th. After this, shares of KLM have been going up. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the biggest flight company in Netherlands. It will join the global SkyTeam alliance of airlines, based around Air France and America’s Delta Air Lines. Then Air France has also recruited Alitalia to the SkyTeam group, it will now compete with the other two global alliances in terms of traffic, they are Star (Lufthansa, United Airlines, Singapore) and oneworld (which includes British Airways, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific). As we can see, global consolidation can bring many benefits, such as strengthening the competitiveness. Although there are many critical points, we still have to admit that globalization is really a big issue in recent years, especially in business area.

Relation with my current learning

Globalization is popularly described as the absence of borders and barriers to trade between nations. A business leader who believes national borderlessness is the essence of globalization will guide organisational energy toward monitoring national and foreign economic change.

My current learning is a general subject of the business. I have to take many courses within the business area, such as accounting, organisation behaviour, economics, management, finance, marketing, and so on. As globalization does affect much on business, which includes those fields of marketing, management, finance, accounting and economics. Therefore, it has a close relation to my learning. When I study business studies, I can not only learn the pure theory or skills for doing the business, I also have to be aware of the business environment under the way of globalization. For example, I have to know how to manage with foreign people for management; what the exchange rate is of the other countries’ currency for finance, how many foreign companies compete in this market for marketing, because globalization results in international business. So it really relates to my learning a lot. We even had the course of international business environment last year.

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