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How to Write Corporate Finance Paper

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Corporate finance is such a tool through which company controls its finance and uses it in a profitable way. It manages the funds that are used for various purposes in any company. So, proper management of corporate finance is very important for companies. Therefore business students and individuals emphasis on maintaining finance journal or writing paper on corporate finance to deliver the knowledge related to subject. Corporate finance papers provide solutions to existing problems. It covers wide range of topics, such as how debt and equity should be managed in company and it devises the capital structure model for a firm.

Here are few points that writers should follow while writing these types of papers.

Collect Information

For writing paper firstly writer should collect lots of information about topic from various sources i.e. from internet, periodicals, previous article and encyclopedias.

Writing Style

Writer should have complete know how about writing style, requirement of papers and requirements of specific journal. Writer should write paper by keeping in view the intended audience of paper and should be well aware about the proper format.

Informative and Well Researched

Your finance journal or Paper should be informative and should address the problem in professional way. Writing of these types of papers differ from general papers writing as it requires a lot of market research and should include the expert opinions about managing debt and equity.

Personal Opinion

Make sure that while writing finance paper your personal opinion should not differ from previous knowledge.

Follow Proper Pattern

There should be proper referencing of information that is delivered in paper and it should follow following pattern:

  • Introduction.
  • Literature review.
  • Methodology.
  • Results.
  • Discussion.
  • Bibliography.
  • Appendix.

Debt and equity finance papers are the major areas under corporate finance. These papers provide a mechanism to companies to decide about equity or debt finance as latter include the interest rate. While writing these types of papers writer should have complete knowledge about the subject matter and should critically analysis of debt and equity finance that which is better and why. There should be expert opinion about the solution.

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