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How to Write a Good Finance Dissertation

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Building the good Finance dissertation is your goal, and you can accomplish it, through clear definition of your dissertation goals. Most colleges offer courses during the program that will put you on the right path to writing your Finance dissertation; however, not all colleges can prepare you for the amount of work that you will develop in a dissertation. You must be prepared to dedicate a great many hours to your Finance dissertation. These hours should not be all at once; however, many students do find themselves spending a solid two weeks working on nothing but the Finance dissertation that is due in order to graduate. If this is you, do not worry, it can still be done. However, it is not the best way to write a good Finance dissertation.

Set your schedule up based on this information – You will need a problem statement; this should include research of at least three contemporary articles regarding current financial environments. Define you dissertation research topic – you will need no less than two articles that recognize that your problem exists.

Based on your Finance dissertation requirements, you will also need at least half as many sources in your first three chapters – Introduction, Literature Review, and Methodology as you have pages in the completed dissertation. If your school requires 50+ pages, expect to have at least five sources cited in your Introduction, five in your Methodology section, and the remaining references in your Literature Review -providing supportive evidence that you can return to in the Discussions and Recommendations chapters.

You may be able to complete your paper with less than 50 sources, for instance, some schools request 50 page papers to have approximately half that many sources.

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