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Financial education essay

Deciding to transfer to New York University was an easy decision. Perhaps the easiest decision there was to make in terms of choosing an institution to continue my education. The level of prestige the institute holds makes it stand out above others, as well as its prime location in the heart of Manhattan. The internship possibilities within New York City are endless, and I feel that is a key factor in preparing for the real world, and gaining incredible experience to become one of the elite in the field of business.

There are many factors that make NYU a great choice in continuing my education. For one is the city life. I have always loved being in the city, and it is such a change of pace compared to my suburban life. The city’s diversity, its museums, and theater would educate me and help myself become more educated in the field of arts. With those small reasons aside, I feel NYU will open up windows of opportunity later down the road. With alumni holding high positions at firms, as well as major corporations it opens up recruitment for job placement, and that is important in starting a career, as does the level of prestige an NYU degree would have. One of the most interesting aspects of NYU is the study abroad program, and its destinations. If I had the chance, I would study abroad in Florence, because it is such a beautiful destination, so rich in history, and culture. It would be an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to see what the world has to offer. My current college does not provide me with any of this.

I currently attend Westchester Community College. My primary choice for attending W.C.C. is to buy myself a window of time while I figure out what I want to accomplish in my life, and how to do so. I think it was the best decision to make. I have my heart set on studying Finance/Investments. The reason for me leaving Westchester, without receiving my Associates Degree is because they do not offer my major, and I have no intentions on wanting one either, as a Bachelors is the minimum for me. Another reason for leaving is I feel I am ready, and mature enough to attend a four-year university without losing focus, and know I will be able to be successful as a student, and as an independent young adult. The lack of diversity at W.C.C. is another reason for leaving. I have always wanted to join a student organization, live on campus where I could meet new people, and just live the college experience, and W.C.C. cannot provide me of those things, but one thing it has done for me is it helped me mature as a student, and has shown me what I am capable of as a student.

In terms of academic and educational goals, I will be studying Finance and Investments. With NYU, especially Stern, being such a highly regarded school of business, the choice is clear why anyone would want to attend NYU. I feel preparation is key in becoming successful, and to become the best in the field, and Stern is where I would ultimately like to see myself. As far as undergraduate studies, I’ve taken a summer class at NYU, in the Summer of 2002, and I don’t know if it was because it was summer sessions, or it is just the way classes are formatted, but the amount of interaction between the students and the professor amazed me. It provided for a more comfortable atmosphere, and an effective way of learning as the discussions have brought out interesting views on topics others held. As far as extracurricular activities, I would love to partake in some Student Organizations. I’d most likely join an Asian Association, because it would be a great way to meet people, and make friends. I’d like to be an active member of the student population because I never really was in high school or at W.C.C., and I feel it is important to do so now more than ever.

NYU is my choice for college education. If not this time around, there is always next time, whether it is to finish undergraduate studies, or applying as a graduate student. The fact that the school holds great prestige as an undergraduate institution, as well as in the business world, there is no question why I see myself as a student of NYU. With the opportunities NYU has to offer its students, it excites me as a student to become part of the NYU community, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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