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Essay on Business Ethics

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A successful manager is required to manage business and complicated situations without stress. He is also required to take quick decisions, sometimes with very little information. He has to promptly analyze the situation and respond with alacrity to ensure that the business is not adversely affected.

My experiences as an article clerk have been very different from my fulltime work. As an internee I had almost no decision making authority and suddenly I found myself in the position of a credit officer in a global bank. Though I soon realized that this position demanded little and offered little. Now as a finance controller in ABB, I have been required to take major financial decisions. As finance controller of a loss-making unit, I have had to take decisions which wrongly taken could have had disastrous consequences.

Circumstances forced me to take rapid decisions even when the information was inadequate. This sudden shift, from simple decisions to potentially risky decisions, stressed me significantly. However, I observed other senior managers taking decisions comfortably in similar situations. I have realized that their ability stems out of their on hand experience and quality management education. On discussing with them I found out that a lot of their skills were developed in simulated classroom discussions and on the basis of their peers’ experiences shared in the classroom. I have also observed that though finance function is given due importance, controllers are never seen as good managers. Finance controllers are perceived as very good in their area but are perceived to be poor decision makers and not good managers.

Hence, I feel that an MBA at this stage of my career would greatly benefit me. An MBA with a concentration in finance will strengthen my knowledge of international finance and will allow a smooth transition to consulting. Keeping in mind my long term goal of a financial consultant, I think the Melbourne MBA is best suited to my requirements as it provides a good foundation in management techniques along with contemporary education in finance, and thus enabling me to achieve my long term goal in the best possible manner.

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